We provide world-class badminton coaching in an inclusive environment that empowers students to
enjoy and compete at their full potential.


This course can be taken up by complete raw beginners or players who have had some experience playing. We usually divide the beginners batch into levels as well- ranging from players with no basic skills to players who can participate in advanced shadow play and agility. The beginner program is a highly flexible program as far as player growth is concerned. With multiple coaches available across various centers , each child is able to work on their pain points and further strengthen their strong points.


The Intermediate Program is the right fit for a competitive level player in their respective age category. They are expected to be able to execute most of the strokes from almost all positions on the court, along with making economical movements. The players at this level make better choices of strokes and also have basic knowledge of match play


A competitive player in their respective age category who has an expertise in stroke execution would qualify to be an Advanced Level player at xtra . The players at this level require polishing and enhancing their technical and physical skills and fitness . These are players who take up badminton professionally and compete in State and National level tournaments.


This program is for those who may have lost touch with badminton over time, or even those who never got to fulfil their aspiration of learning badminton when they were younger. It is designed for adults with the right balance between technical knowhow, theoretical knowledge, as well as fitness sessions